Fortnite Has Filled Chapter 3 With Amazing Easter Eggs

Fortnite has blessed Chapter 3 with several Easter eggs. The new map, flipped by the Foundation, has several hidden references which fans are yet to discover. 

Mecha Team Leader 

In the ocean you will see something big and shiny floating. As you approach it, you will notice that it is actually an arm of the Mecha Team Leader from the final showdown. 


Battle Pass Foreshadowing 

The skins introduced in this Chapter were already teased three months ago. This means the game was always filled with such hidden details. 


The Rocket 

Near the sanctuary, there are a few launchpads. These lauchpads are filled with missile silos, and these might be the same ones which sent out the rockets in Season X. 


The Secret Llama 

These might be the most overpowered easter eggs in the whole game, and are surely the best for Llama hunters. Head to the small farm. Southwest of log, you will find the lieutenant John Llama. This animal is always there. 


Midas Restaurant 

In the island on the east of the Daily Bugle, you will find a single building. While you get into the building you find a Restaurant. When you visit this restaurant you will find hints of Midas. 


Red Cube 

When you visit the Jones POI, you find a miniature version of the Blue Cube. Right next to it, you will find three dice, which are purple, yellow and red. We've already seen the blue and golden cubes in the game, and this might be a hint that we might see a red one as well. 


The Marvel Teaser 

In the Daily Bugle building, you will find more than just Spider-Man easter eggs. There are a few copies where you can see the X-Men as well.


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