Fortnite Skins Which Fans are Dying to See in Chapter 3 Battle Pass

Chapter 3 of Fortnite is much closer to its launch than we think it is. Ahead of the exciting reveal, here are some skins which fans are eager to see in the upcoming Chapter. 

The Consequence 

This skin was created by Txomi and is a character from the Seven. It has the Season 5 desert arm with a green cape and orange shoes. 

Credits: Fortnite


This skin is by pulso and is filled with details. It has a glow in the dark look, with the cube language written on it. 

Credits: Fortnite


Designed by blveberrydraws, the skin is of a music composer having magical abilities. Her weapons are ghostly violins and violin bows. 

Credits: Fortnite


She is an alien who is made of jelly. She has a jelly attack along with her sharp blades. 

Credits: Fortnite


An alive candle who has a royal princess vibe but also is a warrior. She also comes with a dark style. 

Credits: Fortnite


She is known to have devoted her entire life in the war on an island. She built her own exoskeleton suit with whatever she found while scavenging. 

Credits: Fortnite


This skin actually comes during the loading screen of Fortnite. This is a Christmas themed horror skin. 

Credits: Fortnite

Dark Fist

Another scary skin is Dark Fist. It's like Ghost Rider but with a more detailed suit and differently colored flames onto his skull.

Credits: Fortnite

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