Fortnite's Latest Tilted Destroyed Update Has Some Insane Secrets!

 Fortnite chapter 3 Season 2 has already introduced huge changes in the game. in fact, this season's third update has also arrived beholding some insane secrets. here are the best secrets in this update. 

credits: youtube

tilted towers destroyed

fortnite's most popular point of interest, tilted towers, are once again destroyed because of the ongoing war between the imagined order and the resistance. 

doctor strange

marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, doctor strange has finally left the battle pass and appeared in the game as an NPC. players can find him inside daily bugle.

shotguns re-balanced

all shotguns in Fortnite have been re-balanced and no longer feature 200 damage. now, all the shotguns deal a maximum damage of 185. 

klombo's return

soon, klombo will return into the game with some new moves and animation. the devs have updated klombo's backend files and added some new effects and animation to the adorable beast.   

wanda maximoff skin

Wanda maximoff is set to make her Fortnite debut soon. in fact, epic games accidentally leaked this by using her skin in some of their recent creative tutorials. 

omega knight

the highly anticipated skin omega knight makes its debut through a bundle in the title's item shop. it'll also have challenges that will offer players extra variants. 

the order

the order has arrived in "the seven" to join her sister "the imagined" to fight the war against the imagined order. in fact, this skin also comes in lots of variants.

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