From Minecraft to Halo: Ranking YouTube Star MrBeast's Favorite Video Games

famous for his mega donations and stunt videos, the young youtube sensation mrbeast is adored by millions. in addition, he's very much into gaming. here's the list of his favorite video games.

League of Legends 

 league of legends tops mrbeast favorite games list. in fact, in 2020, he also expressed it's the best game ever and he'll own a league team one day. 


undoubtedly, jimmy enjoys playing Minecraft more than any other game. his "MRBEAST GAMING" youtube channel boasts tons of Minecraft videos featuring crazy challenges.


it's one of the world's most renowned and oldest gaming franchises Which is also jimmy's favorite. halo is indeed cherished by millions across the globe.   


jimmy often streams GTA v and GTA online on his gaming youtube channel. he performs jaw-dropping stunts and challenges in both these titles. 

Among Us

jimmy often plays this game with his friends. after all, among us delivers one of the best multiplayer gaming experiences. you can find many among us streams on his gaming channel. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator

there's one flight simulator video on the "mrbeast gaming" channel, in which jimmy along with his friends visits all seven wonders of the world in this simulation game.

Watch Dogs: Legion

there are a few "watch dogs: legion" streams where jimmy along with his friends complete funny challenges in this 2020 released game. 

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