From PlayStation to Nintendo: Ranking the Highest-Selling Video Game Consoles Of All-Time

in the last few decades, gaming consoles have grown in prominence, with millions around the world craving them almost everyday. while some didn't work, others thrived in entertaining dozens of fans. here are the top-selling consoles of all-time.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 still remains the best-selling console of all time. By January, 2011, Sony sold 150 million units, with its current number estimated as 159 million. Its software sales tallied a staggering 1.5 billion units. 

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Nintendo DS

This figure was released by Nintendo which showed a huge sale of the DS family, and this even includes the original model, DS Lite, and DSi. This console sold 154.02 million units. 

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Game Boy/Game Boy Color 

The Game Boy and the Game Boy Color turned the handheld gaming console market on their heads. Both consoles sold a combined 501 million units. 

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PlayStation 4 

The PlayStation 4 definitely dominated the market during the last decade. Its sales currently stand at 117 million. 

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The original PlayStation sales total is at 102.4 million, and over 960 million software units sold. 

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Nintendo Wii 

Nintendo released the Wii’s sales figures, which was the sixth-best-selling console of all time. It has had over 100 million units sold. 

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Nintendo Switch 

In the year 2021, Switch surpassed the sales totals of both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The console has sold over 89 million units till June itself, which later till September grew to 93 million. Currently, it's on its way to join the 100 million club.

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