from pokimane to amouranth: the Highest Earning Female Streamers In 2021

in the last few years, female streamers have made massive breakthroughs across various platforms. let's have a look at Highest-Earning Female Streamers In 2021.


the American streamer is popular for her cosplay and ASMR streams. considering her multiple revenue sources like streams, ads, donations, she earns around $500k every month. 


Saddummy is one of the most popular twitch streamers. her monthly revenue from the popular purple streaming platform is around $85k to $1.3 million.


Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane is a Twitch streamer who's popular for fortnite and league of legends streams. she earns around a little over $35,000 per month.


the popular Spanish-based streamer has around a million followers on Twitch and youtube. the 24-years old makes yearly earnings of around $1.7 million. 


the 28 years old Korean streamer also has a wide presence on social media. she earns around $12k per year from youtube. she makes significant earnings from donations as well. 


the popular Chinese-Canadian Twitch streamer is also a YouTuber and an artist. she makes around $24k per month from twitch and youtube.


the popular American twitch streamer is also a content creator for 100 thieves. she makes around $35k every month from her youtube and twitch streams. 

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