Here’s a Secret Activity Which Very Few Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fans Know Of

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a nintendo classic, is arguably the best social simulation game in today's time. let's have a look at this Secret Activity Which Very Few fans are aware of. 

Secret Villager update

villagers can now visit players’ houses in New Horizons.they can visit a user’s house either completely unannounced or by pinging them and straight up asking or by inviting them.

small talk

players can have great small talk when your villagers come to visit you. you can also admire each other's Furniture and play mini-games.


upon winning a mini-game, players can also earn prizes from villagers. if one of your villagers invites you specifically, you might have the chance to get your hands on a big item.

purchasing furniture from villagers

upon accepting an invitation, the villagers will invite players to their homes. After that, you can purchase the villager’s furniture for bells and place it in your house.

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