How to Earn All 21 January Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo has a generous January offering for fans of its top-seller, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here's how you can claim all 21 items this month.

New Year's Day 

The first and foremost event will be New Year's Day. You can join in this event  from January 1 to January 5. The event will have items like the 2022 Celebratory Arch, Yut Nori, and Zodiac Tiger Figurine.



Shogatsu will be the second event and will have limited items. The items listed for this event are Kagamimochi, Osechi, Kadomatsu, New Year’s Shimekazari, and Otoshidama Envelope. Shogatsu will be held during the same period as New Year's Day. 


Groundhog Day 

Groundhog Day will be from January 25 to February 3. This will not be a New Horizons standard event but instead it will be a Nook Shopping seasonal event. 



This will be held parallel to Groundhog Day. Setsubun, which is a Japanese Holiday event, is held in February in real life, where people throw beans at others. Here you can purchase the Bean Tossing Kit from Nook Shopping.


Big Game Celebrations 

From January 25 to February 15, will be the Big Game Celebration event. Here, the Football Cheer Megaphone will cost 1,500 Bells, while the Football Rug will cost 2,000 Bells. 


Lunar New Year 

Lunar New Year will be in the last days of January. Here,  you will actually have two separate events called Lunar New Year and Seollal from January 30 to February 6.


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