Most Hated Features of Fortnite Chapter 2

Earlier this week, Fortnite Creator Epic Games announced the end of Chapter 2. While millions enjoyed the Chapter, it wasn't quite smooth sailing. Here are some features in the Chapter which annoyed eager gamers the most.

Season 1

Chapter 2 Season 1 was the most hated season of all time in Fortnite history. This might have been because the season was the longest running one as well and doing the same things made it much boring real quick.

Credits: Fortnite

Season 2

The New Henchman NPC’s were the most overpowered feature in the whole season. Another thing that was hated in this season was the crossover that no one expected, it was the punk’d show that played every hour. 

Credits: Fortnite

Season 3 

The one big problem was the flooded map. This made rebooting a team mate impossible as most of the reboot vans were submerged under the water.  Another thing in the season were the sharks who dropped out of nowhere and were like that cheap movie Sharknado.

Credits: Fortnite

Season 4

In this season, iOS banned Fortnite. Now anyone who plays Fortnite on an Apple device can’t access the game for another five years. Also the well-designed mythics featured all over the game which was super annoying.

Credits: Fortnite

Season 5

This season was ranked as the most liked season on the people's list. But this season also had many things that annoyed some players. One of which was the free health one, where people just jumped into the zero point and got free health if they kept doing it.

Credits: Fortnite

Season 6 

This season had the most annoying communities in gaming ever. Also in this season all of the snipers were replaced with a bow. 

Credits: Fortnite

Season 7 

The season was appreciated by the gamers but also had a few things that annoyed them.  It had UFOs with super health and cannons that were killing everyone again and again.

Credits: Fortnite

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