Breaking Down Some of the Most Intriguing Fortnite Storyline Secrets

The storyline of Fortnite's Chapter 2 has taken huge turns over time. While the secret involving John Jones being decoded earlier, it also blew up the community. Here's a look at some other storyline secrets. 

The Foundation Secret

Here the loop resets itself every 22 mins, and this one is controlled by the IO where they make everyone fight against each other. But this is also a snapshot, here if anyone tries to escape the loop, the loop itself creates a clone of them. 


Release of Naruto

After all this time, Epic Games have finally confirmed that they will drop the Naruto skin on November 16. 


How to Escape the Loop 

This was learned through the Batman comics. Here you have to stand right in the middle of the storm when the loop resets. This means, everyone around you dies and you emerge as the winner. 


Midas and Slone mystery 

Visiting the temporary office of Slone, you will see a teen photo of her which also has Midas in it. This totally makes sense as these both might know each other since their childhood. And that's how Midas knew about the loop. 


Spirit World Secret 

Here the dark Jones tells you that the IO are in possession of spirit scrolls. You can also find these scrolls around the island and have to use it with shadow stone. But when you look closely it turns out that the spirit vessel is actually a shard of Kevin the cube. 


Queen' Weakness

The Queen cannot kill until the entire island becomes sideways. This is because the creatures she brings to the island cannot survive in the normal world. And that's her weakness. Expose her!


Origin of the Zero Point 

It has existed since the creation of time, the Zero Point was actually the reason the Big Bang happened and created the reality that exists.


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