Crazy Fortnite Theories Which You Certainly Got Wrong

The captivating nature of Fortnite has had fans cooking up several theories. Here are some of them which fans most certainly got wrong.

Skyfire Event Aftermath 

It was certain that the mothership was going to explode right on the island.  Fans also theorized that half the map would be destroyed. 


Siren Head 

The trailer of the new season had a mysterious creature in the background which appeared like a siren head. But it was just the caretakers. 


Redacted Bunker 

This was the longest running mystery that the whole community got wrong. This was just a small IO base and now is the location of sloan. 


Helicarrier vault theory 

In the Marvel season, the helicarrier was a great attraction but what attracted more to the fans was the vault in it. Everyone was eager to know what was in it but later it simply got ignored and everyone actually just forgot about it. 


Peter Griffin 

There are a lot of Family Guy images which hinted at a collab between the iconic TV show and Epic. However, fans got this wrong as well.


Polar Peak Monster 

The build up in Chapter One featured among the best ever. Over the polar peak, the iceberg had a scary eye of a monster which many assumed to be an upcoming Godzilla crossover. And this was just a week before the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 


Fortnite Mobile's Return

Fortnite was supposed to go back to iOS, but Apple didn't respond even after the court case ended.


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