From Chapter 3 to Collabs: Biggest Mysteries in Fortnite Today

Over the years, Fortnite produced several mysteries which intrigued millions of players. Here's a look at some of the most fascinating ones.

Chapter 3 Mystery

Just like Chapter 1 everyone had hoped that Chapter 2 will also have 10 seasons. But this time it's just going to be 8 seasons. The recently dropped information revealed nothing about season 9 or 10 but instead it directly gave information about Chapter 3. 


Chapter 3 Map Mystery

According to some theories, it's possible that the Chapter 3 map could be hidden under the current map. This has been teased by many YouTubers as well. 


The Raz Mystery

It was the corrupted John Jones who told that the scrolls are around the island which will lead you to the spirit vessel location. So that explains how Raz got his hands on the IO info and also the scrolls. 


Collabs Mystery

Although Epic Finally Announced a Release Date for the Naruto Collaboration, few collabs remain a mystery. 

Spider-Man is one among them, while the Icon Series could also introduce the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Skin


What to expect in chapter 3 

There could be rideable animals in chapter 3 and we might also have our return to the grotto.


The Geno Mystery

One thing seems certain: Geno is the leader of the imagined order. However, it's likely that Geno is also John Jones' Father


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