new Features You May Have Missed in Update 2.0 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The new Animal Crossing update is full of latest and different features. These features change the entire quality of life in the game. So here are the top 7 new features that you should have a look at. 


This time when you invite a villager to your place or outside for a meet up they will actually remember you. 


Friends ATM

From now on you can access money through your friend's ATM. Here you can deposit as well as even withdraw the money. 



This guy will give you free acorns every single day.  This is the best addition for the acorn festival event. 



This guy can now customise the event furniture. From now on you won't need the exact resources to customize your decoratives but instead just go to Cyrus and he’ll do it for you. 



She will now give you a friendship blessing as a part of her services, this will help you double your friendship with any character you choose. 


Star island 

The name itself suggests almost everything. Here you can see falling stars and when you hit a rock you will get star fragments. 


Nook Friday 

This will happen right after the turkey on the 26 of November. On this day you will get 30% off on everything at the Nooks Cranny the entire day.


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