Relive Overwatch Star Alarm's Best Moments

Kim Kyeong-Bo, aka Alarm's death shook the whole Overwatch community this week. 
While the world remembers his achievements, we look back at what made him one of the best Overwatch players in the world.

Rookie of the Year 

In the year 2020 Alarm won Rookie of the Year and a Support Role Star award. 


Philadelphia Union Stalwart

Kim spent almost 3 years with his team Philadelphia Fusion. This made him a known figure for his remarkable skill set across each flex support hero.


Overwatch Community

Alarm was well respected by his teammates as well as his opponents. He was also hugely considered as one of the best Overwatch support players in the whole world.


Playing style 

Alarm had a very unique way to play the game, especially when it came to keyboard placement. 


Ability to Outperform his Competition

His control of the game and its aspects made him second to none.


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