Weirdest Things You Can Do in GTA 5

GTA 5 introduced us to a whole new reality. With being the most loved and appreciated games in the series, GTA 5 has even got some mind blowing surprises around the game. 

Frozen Alien

This is super-easy to miss, but if you find the right spot, in North Yankton you can see the body of an alien creature trapped under the ice. 


Dress Up As Other Rockstar Games Characters

You can dress up in GTA vice city Suit oreven something from Max Payne.


No Country For Old Men

You'll find a few scenes from the movie,  when you move down the hill. 


Thelma & Louise, Live!

If you're around a nearby cliff at 7 pm, you'll see two women in a convertible being chased by cops. While the movie ends more poetically, the GTA recreation ends rather predictably, with the car and the women smashing into the rocks below. 


ALien Encounter

Once you've completed the whole game, you"ll encounter more and more UFOs. 


Investigate A Serial Killer

Solve the case of "InfintyMurders" whwre 8 poeple have gone missig. 



If ever you needed proof that Rockstar put an insane amount of detail into their games, you need look no further as they have added a Bigfoot to GTA 5.


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