Ranking the Best Kirby Games of All-Time

1992 marked the debut of the first-ever Kirby game. gaining massive popularity, even to this date, the series hasn't lost its charm and is now a nintendo classic. let's have a look at the best Kirby titles of all-time. 

Kirby Super Star Ultra

released in 2008, this title is arguably considered the franchise's best game. launched on the Nintendo ds, it boasts 12 gaming modes, multiplayer, improved graphics, and much more. 

Kirby: Planet Robobot

launched in 2016 for Nintendo 3ds, it's an absolutely fun game. as the name suggests, Kirby could transform into a giant robot along with a lot to explore in the title. 

Kirby Super Star

released in 1996, the game's divided into 8 little pieces, each of them presented differently. it features pretty graphics, better controls and was launched for Super Nintendo.   

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

this title launched in 2010 for the Nintendo 3ds, Wii and Wii u. it has every element a fan would love, ranging from in-game characters to the environment made of yarn.

Kirby’s Return To Dream Land

launched for Nintendo Wii and Wii u in 2011, the title boasts 4 players, multiplayer and motion sensing. It's a colorful, vibrant and enjoyable title.   

Kirby’s Dream Land 3

this 1997 released title is the last game released for the SNES platform. built on 16-bit mechanics, it features 2 players' co-op along with 6 in-game companions. 

kirby and the forgotten land

being the latest game in the series, the Nintendo switch exclusive gained instant popularity by introducing the "mouthful mode" enabling Kirby to swallow nearby objects and weaponize them.

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