Ranking the Best Pokemon Across Exciting Generation 8 Titles

the developers announced the eighth generation of pokemon in 2019 when revealing the popular Pokémon Sword and Shield. let's have a look at Best Pokemon Across Exciting Generation 8 Titles.   


credits: youtube

this legendary fighting-type pokemon needs no introduction. kubfu features a variety of strong attack moves like elemental punches, stone, edge, and many more.


this iconic fire-type pokemon features impressive attack and speed stats of 116 and 119 followed by strong attack moves like fire blast, heat wave, and many more. 


arguably considered the greatest fossil-type pokemon of all time. it boasts a variety of attack moves like waterfall, outrage, scald, and many more.

Galarian Darmanitan

this pokemon has only featured in pokemon sword. it's an ice-type pokemon that converts to dual type (ice/fire) upon entering zen mode, which is undoubtedly a killer combination.


this dragon-type Pokemon was introduced in the 6th generation. it possesses very strong attack and defense stats of 100 followed by a whopping 150 special defense stats.


Ursaluna is a good defense pokemon with a powerful attack stat of 140 and a hp stat of 130. it surely can take many hits and deliver strong attack moves.   


this water-type pokemon is one of the best starters. along with impressive stats, it also features strong attack moves like x-scissor, ice beam, dark pulse, and much more.

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