Ranking the Highest Rated Nintendo Games of All-Time

Nintendo has made significant contributions to the gaming industry. from Mario to the legend of Zelda, the company created many iconic games. here are their highest-rated games across every nintendo console.   

credits: metacritic and cbr

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

the popular 1998 released title is Nintendo's best game with a Metacritic score of 99. it's the first-ever title to feature 3d graphics and supports multiple platforms including Wii and GameCube.

Super Mario Galaxy

developed and published by Nintendo, it's the third 3d game in the Super Mario series and the first Mario game that introduced Princess Rosalina and lumas. it boasts a 97 Metacritic score.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

the successful sequel to the first super Mario galaxy features a 97 Metacritic score. the game's set in outer space featuring different planets. released in 2010, it supports Wii u and Wii platforms. 

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

a multiple award-winning title, Breath of the Wild needs no introduction. released in 2017, the game proudly holds a Metacritic score of 97. 

Perfect Dark

released in 2000, this science fiction game is undoubtedly an underrated title. released for Nintendo 64 console, the game revolves around the life of a secret agent and has a metacritic score of 97. 

Metroid Prime

it's the franchise's first game to feature first-person gameplay and 3d graphics. released in 2000, it has a 97 Metacritic score and supports GameCube and Wii platforms. 

Super Mario Odyssey

the iconic 2017 released action-adventure title has a 97 Metacritic score. in fact, it's also one of the best-selling Mario games winning many awards. it's available for Nintendo switch. 

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