Ranking the Highest Selling Animal Crossing Titles of All-Time

 dubbed as the world's best social simulation franchise, animal crossing has been a huge hit among nintendo fans. let's have a look at the highest selling animal crossing titles of all-time. 


not only it's the series' best-selling title, it's also among Nintendo's all-time best-sellers and the best-selling title in Japan. it holds massive sales figures of over 37 million as of 2022.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

released in 2012 for Nintendo 3ds, the title has sold over 12 million units as of 2021. in fact, it also won the vgx award for the best casual game. 

Animal Crossing: Wild World

the popular title debuted in 2005 and released on the Nintendo ds and Wii u. it sold over 11 million units by the end of 2019.

Animal Crossing: City Folk

this 2008 released iconic game's widely popular among the fans, winning multiple awards. by the end of 2019, the title sold over 4 million units. 

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Nintendo launched the popular fun title in 2015 for the 3ds console. by the end of 2020, it recorded sales exceeding 3 million units. 

Animal Crossing

Nintendo introduced the first-ever animal crossing title in 2001, and the rest is history. as of 2019, the title sold well over 2 million units!

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