Ranking the Highest Selling Dishes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

 animal crossing: New horizons allows players to cook lots of delicious dishes with harvested ingredients, which players can consume, display or sell. let's have a look at the best dishes in the game.

Tomato Curry

what makes this dish widely popular is its simple ingredients, which are just three bags of flour and three tomatoes. it's super easy to prepare, and fetches 2520 bells when sold.

Seaweed Soup

this dish demands just one ingredient, seaweed. when sold, the dish will fetch a player 1440 bells. 

Carrot Potage

it's basically a thick carrot soup that's worth 1,370 bells. in order to prepare it, the players need two sacks of flour and two carrots.

Squid-ink curry

this dish's preparation demands one squid and three bags of flour. when sold, it'll fetch a player 1360 bells.

Tomato Puree

this dish could bring players great value with less effort. it requires only three tomatoes and is worth 1260 bells. 

Sea-bass pie

preparing this dish was never a concern, thanks to the abundance of SEA BASS in the game. it'll fetch players 1240 bells when sold.

Fruit Smoothies

it's a good investment that players can consider making. a smoothie made of the player's native island fruit will fetch 200 bells, while a foreign fruit smoothie will fetch 1000 bells.   

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