Ranking the Highest Selling PlayStation Consoles of All-Time

PlayStation is one of the most renowned gaming brands in the world. let's have a look at their Highest Selling Consoles of All Time. 

playstation 2

the iconic PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console of all time with around 159 million units sold. 

playstation 4

released in 2013, this popular console has sold over a whopping 117 million units.


sony launched this classic console in the year 1994. it has sold over 102 million units.

playstation 3

the popular 2006 released gaming console has sold over a whopping 87 million units.

playstation portable

it's sony's first-ever handheld gaming console released back in 2004. it has sold around 82 million units.

playstation 5

released in 2020, this latest next-gen gaming console has sold over 17 million units.

playstation vita

this handheld gaming console was released back in 2011. it has sold around 14 million units.

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