Ranking the Highest Selling Pokemon Video Games of All-Time

pokemon is a billion-dollar franchise selling millions of titles every year. let's have a look at THE HIGHEST-SELLING POKEMON VIDEO GAMES OF ALL-TIME.

Pokemon Red, Green & Blue

the 1996 published title was launched for the game boy. the title came in three versions. it has sold over 31 million units.

Pokemon Gold & Silver

the devs launched this title for game boy color in 1999 and it has sold over a whopping 23 million units.

Pokemon Sword & Shield

this popular 2019 released title was launched exclusively for Nintendo switch. the title witnessed massive sales of over 21 million units. 

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

this popular 2006 released title was launched for Nintendo ds. the title features two versions with combined sales of over 17 million units.

Pokemon X & Y

the first-ever pokemon title to get published for Nintendo 3ds. it has sold over a staggering 16 million units. 

Pokemon Sun & Moon

this iconic 2016 title was launched for Nintendo 3ds. it has made impressive sales of over 16 million units. 

Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

released in 2002, the popular pokemon title has sold over 16 million units worldwide.

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