Ranking the Most Expensive Furniture Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is arguably the world's most popular social simulation title featuring exciting in-game content. let's have a look at the most Expensive Furniture Items in the title.

Grand Piano

as the name suggests, this iconic item comes with a "grand" price tag of 260,000 bells! This Makes it the title's most expensive furniture. 

Elaborate Kimono Stand

this iconic Japanese dress stand is something that only rich players can afford in the title due to its staggering 220,000 bells price tag. 

kitchen island

this furniture is all that players need in their in-game kitchen because it features nearly all the kitchen essentials. it costs 170,000 bells. 


it's a pretty decorative item that players can consider owing, only if they have 140,000 bells. it features a range of images like bamboo, tiger, and many more. 

fancy violin

this fancy violin comes with a "fancy" price tag of 140,000 bells. it is, undoubtedly, a good investment for all music lovers. it also comes in different colors.

Open Frame Kitchen

this item proves that Nintendo has invested extra attention while developing kitchen items for the title. it will cost players 140,000 bells.

hanging scrolls

these HANGING SCROLLS feature stunning Japanese calligraphy that skyrockets the house's beauty. this is the reason behind its whopping price of 140,000 bells.   

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