Ranking the Most Stunning Nintendo Switch Controllers of All-Time

 the nintendo SWITCH's default controller, JOY-CONS isn't the only option that fans have. in fact, there are some amazing third-party controllers that fans must not ignore. here's a look at some of the best alternatives.

horipad nintendo switch wired controller

it's a wired controller costing $24.99. officially licensed by Nintendo, it's available in multiple colors: blue, black, and red. It also boasts features like turbo functionality and a d-pad cover.

8bitdo pro 2

costing $59.99, this Bluetooth controller has it all. it comes in 3 different designs: grey, black, and classic edition. in fact, it's compatible with many platforms including raspberry pi.

powera fusion pro

this console features some insane customization options and comes with a staggering $99.99 price tag. it also boasts mappable buttons with a premium built body. 

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