Ranking the Rarest Fish In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

players can catch a variety of sea creatures in animal crossing: New horizons. some fish are widely found while a select few are rare to spot. so, let's have a look at the rarest fish in the title. 


it's the rarest fish that can be spotted only while it's raining. upon catching one, it'll fetch a player a whopping 15,000 bells to at nook's cranny. it's available throughout the year. 

Great White Shark

it's one of the title's rarest sharks fetching a crazy 15,000 bells at nook's cranny. it's available in the sea from July to Sept between 9 pm to 4 am, so good luck catching one!   


it's a small fish that brings great value to the players, fetching a staggering 15,000 bells when sold at nook's cranny. one can attempt finding it throughout the year between 9 pm and 4 am.

Ocean Sunfish

widely popular for its gigantic size, it's available from July to Sept between 4 am to 9 pm. this fish is quite rare and most players are yet to encounter it. 


it's not a fish! however, pearls are very rare and hold significant value in the game. used for crafting items, players need to dive into the sea to get one.   

Golden Trout

players can spot this fish only from march to may and then, sept to nov between 4 am to 9 pm. in fact, it's worth a whopping 15,000 bells when sold at nook's cranny.

Football Fish

It's a rare fish that apparently looks creepy and can be found from Nov to march between 4 pm to 9 am. upon being sold at NOOK'S CRANNY, it fetches 2500 bells.

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