Ranking the Worst Nintendo Switch Games of All-Time

Nintendo Switch boasts one of the most incredible libraries of any console. however, some games exist that didn't do so well. let's have a look at the Worst Nintendo Switch Games of All-Time.

Vroom In The Nightsky

released in 2017, this game is simply bad. from problematic sound effects to broken gameplay, this title unfortunately had it all. 

Tiny Racer

as the title's name suggests, the game is all about tiny cars racing each other. it lacks attention to detail, and there's nothing good about the game.   

ARK: Survival Evolved

although the game was good, its poor optimization with the switch hampers the experience. released in 2015, the title is available on multiple platforms. 

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy

featuring bad reviews, the 2014 released role-playing title received major backlash for its poor gameplay. 

Arc of Alchemist

released in 2019, this role-playing game isn't worth the fans' time. it mainly received poor reviews because it has poor gameplay, a bad story, and broken graphics. 

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