Best Minecraft Mods 

These are the top 7 Minecraft Mods for the 1.17.1 update. This will include the big mods as well, so let's check out the list. 


Here you can completely change how you would play Minecraft. In this one you can select between a variety of origins. 


Fresh Animations 

This is a resource pack with a fresh animation. This one changes how the creatures look in the game. 


Village Spawn Point

This one gives out a lot of spawn, that one would end up inside of a village. If you are the one who likes to search a village once you start a game, you would probably love this one. 


Auto Planting Forests 

If you don't like to pick up saplings and plant them, with this mod you will be able to make them grow on their own. 


Fishing Real 

You'll need a bucket for this one. When you go fishing, this mod lets you fish an actual water creature. 


Repurposed Structures 

This one adds a huge amount of variety to the previously existing structures. With this one you can build a pyramid in snowy biomes. 


Xaero’s Mini and World Map

This one gets you a very interesting mini map to use with a variety of settings. This one can be turned into however you want it to be.


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