The Latest Fortnite 20.20 Update Comes With Some Insane Secrets!

the second update of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Is Here. The 20.20 Update Has Introduced New Items, Weapons, Insane Secrets, And much more. here Are the biggest secrets in this update. 

credits: youtube

ranger shotgun

the update has introduced the brand new ranger shotgun that can be found in the chest, supply drops, and sharks. in fact, it's powerful and does insane damage. 


KLOMBERRies have returned to the title and can be found across the map. in fact, it's teasing a return for the fan favorite klombo who isn't back yet but he'll return soon.

prowler skin

this season's highly anticipated skin, prowler is now available in the title. in order to unlock it, the fans will need to complete a set of challenges. 

rock family

post this update, the rock family has moved again and now, is fully dug up. the rock mothers and fathers have made a significant movement in the title. 

condo canyon

cando canyon is now fully liberated by the seven and it's celebration time. also, the blimp above the condo canyon has crashed into the ocean.

creative mode

this update has introduced one of the biggest changes in the title's creative mode, adding a video player, water device, and VFX creator device. 

baloons and bubble shields

soon, balloons and bubble shields will be coming back into the title. and it's players who will decide which one of them will return permanently.

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