The Most Ridiculous Things YouTube Star MrBeast Owns

MrBeast is one of the greatest content creators of today's time. along with his stunning videos and immense philanthropy, he also has some insane possessions. here are the most ridiculous things he owns. 

Lamborghini Aventador 

He bought two Lamborghini Aventadors, one for himself and another just for show. Then, he purchased another Lambo dressed up as a homeless person. 

Credit: YouTube 

ZHC iPhones 

ZHC and Mr. Beast joined forces to give each other a customized iPhone. This brought the phone's value upto $400,000. 

Credit: YouTube

Custom painted Tesla 

This model's price starts at around $125,000, but after getting a custom paint job by ZHC, it went over $550,000. 

Credit: YouTube 


This was an act of humanity. Mr, Beast bought a few houses, filled them with goods and sold them to people for just a dollar, changing their lives forever. 

Credit: YouTube 

Play buttons 

He has almost all the play buttons, from a hundred thousand subscribers to millions, along with two separate play buttons for Gaming as well as the Main channel. 

Credit: YouTube


Although the worth of the cameras owned by MrBeast is unknown, they are definitely very expensive. There are over 500 cameras ranging from GoPro to Canon. 

Credit: YouTube


He bought crypto punks and a bunch of other NFTs as well for which he spent millions of dollars. But guess what? All these investments gave him nearly double the return.

Credit: YouTube

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