Top 5 Female Characters Across the Gaming Universe In 2021

2021 gave us a lot of great games,including the debuts of female characters with unforgettable personalities. Here are the top 5 female characters in video games who made a massive impact this year. 

The Weapon – Halo Infinite

She had her own ground in Halo Infinite. She was Master Chief’s new companion during the campaign while also helping him through multiple situations. They both had a great bond even though Master Chief did not trust the Weapon much. 

Credit: Halo Infinite

Selene – Returnal

The protagonist, Selene, lands on a deserted planet and then goes through various moments that just keeps exploring the best out of her. She is brave and a new hope for women empowerment in the gaming industry. 

Credit: Returnal

Lady Dimitrescu – Resident Evil Village

This one was everywhere, all over the internet. The flawlessly scary villain had a great image even before the game actually was launched.  She has now become an iconic role model,  when it comes to the most popular female characters in video games. 

Credit: Resident Evil Village

Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS5)

Out of all the Final Fantasy characters Tifa Lockhart is arguably among the best. She plays the role of an innocent bartender but also a very supportive friend of the protagonist. Along with all that she also has the best fighting and combat skills. 

Credit: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS5)

Julianna – Deathloop

Deathloop introduced the gamers to Julianna. She is another antagonist who is widely loved. She keeps creating obstacles but the relationship between Colt and Juliana keeps getting more and more interesting over time.

Credit:  Deathloop

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