Top Streamers Flaunt Stunning Outfits at the Coachella Music Festival 2022

one of the world's biggest music festivals, the iconic coachella awards 2022 saw many top streamers enjoy the lively atmosphere in california, flaunting their stunning outfits. here's a look at some of the best ones. 


pokimane shared her stunning white outfit on Twitter, and also mentioned it was her first time attending the Coachella event.


valkyrae wore a jaw-dropping black outfit that went insanely viral, exciting several fans. she shared it on Twitter with the caption "touching grass!".


fuslie shared images straight from the Coachella event, wearing a pretty yellow top and ripped jeans.
 In fact, she also met valkyre and Nathan Blau. 


QuarterJade wore a beautiful pink dress and shared images on Twitter with the caption "here is my single Coachella picture".

Nathan Blau

Nathan shared multiple images on Twitter straight from the event. and one of the images features him vibing to the music, wearing a blue and white outfit.


myth chose a classy black attire for the Coachella event, wearing a black shirt and shorts, followed by black shoes.


CourageJD kept it simple and clean, wearing a pink t-shirt, pink shorts, and white shoes. he shared images on Twitter, straight from the Coachella event.

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