Top Streamers Who Have Lifetime Twitch Bans

twitch is one of the world's most popular streaming platforms. but breaking its strict policies can result in bans. so, let's have a look at Top Streamers Who got Lifetime Twitch Bans. 


a few months back, the streamer got a 14 days ban on twitch post a hate raid on pokimane's live stream. later on, twitch upgraded the temporary ban to a permanent one.

Dr Disrespect

it's one of the most high-profile twitch bans of all time that happened in 2020. and even to this date, one knows the reason behind the doc's ban on the platform. 

Ice Poseidon

twitch banned him in 2017 because the streamer live-streamed the details of his flight at the airport and one of his viewers called in a fake threat with all those details. 


twitch banned him in 2013 for faking paralysis of his down waist part. one day, during a live stream, he just stood up from his wheelchair and walked away. 


twitch banned the streamer in 2016 when the streamer used his gambling site "CSGO Shuffle" to mislead his viewers and followers.

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