Uncovering the Biggest Secrets In Fortnite's Latest Chapter 3 Season 2 Live Event Update

season 2 of fortnite's eventful chapter 3 is coming to an end. this season was exhilarating and now, the mighty doomsday device has also arrived. here are the biggest secrets of the upcoming live event update.

mecha team leader

yes, the huge robot is all set to return soon with a brand new cosmetic pack which will introduce new weapons and 4 vivid and different color versions of the mecha team leader.

the paradigm skin

it's been around two and a half years since this limited time skin left fortnite. fans have lost hope on her return but hopefully, she's returing very soon in a newly improved version. 

volcanic assassin pack

this upcoming cosmetic bundle will be exclusive and absolutely free to pc players. players can grab this awesome skin at epic games store as it'll be available to everyone.

eternal wanderer skin

it's a leaked outfit that's looks set to debut in fortnite before season 3. in fact, this skin has quite the appeal.

ali-a skin

the most anticipated skin ali-a has finally joined fortnite's icon series. based on the british youtuber Alastair Aiken, it comes in set featuring various styles and an emote.

the block

three years back, epic games removed the block due to a controversy. however, according to popular fortnite leaker hypex, the devs are again working on it and may introduce it in the future.

railgun and recon scanner

also considered as one of the most broken combos in history of fortnite, the railgun and recon scanner is all set to comeback in the game.

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