Everything You Need to Know About Daniel Ricciardo's Famous Tattoos

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that he is quite fond of tattoos, and has a fair collection of them. And despite 
the fact Ricciardo also revealed that he hated needles, so his fondness for tattoos was ironic. So let’s take a 
deeper look at Ricciardo's tattoos.


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Riccardo's first tattoo

Riccardo once said to himself that he’d never get a tattoo. The reason was that he was too afraid of needles. However, the Honey Badger got his first tattoo in 2013 of a ship sailing around the world and a lighthouse that represents home.

Credits: YouTube/Red Bull

Riccardo's tattoos on thigh

The most impressive collection of tattoos that Daniel owns happens to be situated on his thighs, boasting of a whopping four tattoos: one of a female racer, one that reads ‘mum and papa,’ one of a ship, and one of a couple kissing.

Mum and Papa

Girl Racer

A couple kissing

Ric's tattoo bet with Cyril

Last year at Renault, Riccardo made a bet with his former boss, Cyril Abiteboul. The bet said that if the Honey Badger put Renault on the podium, Cyril would get a tattoo of Riccardo's choice. Sadly, Cyril has not yet followed up on his promise.

Credits: YouTube/Foemula 1


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