From Lewis Hamilton to Max Verstappen: How F1 Drivers train

racing in a 300kmp/h car can be quite physically demanding. with immense g forces on drivers' necks to shifting weight to pushihng down heavy pedals as well as turning the steering wheel. drivers need to stay at a very good physical form and train.

let's see how they manage just that



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pierre gasly

We can see Pierre Gasly running on a treadmill. It is important to have stamina physically to endure the constant use of your body for over 2 hours in an F1 car


lewis hamilton

Lewis is seen here doing a weighted pull-up.  A very important exercise for the upper  back

max verstappen

One integral part of training for F1 drivers is the steering. The weighted steering machine helps drivers develop the strenght to steer the car

lando norris

Neck is one of the most important muscles for a driver, since it is one of the major parts taking the impact of the G forces 

Daniel ricciardo

Legs are another muscle group which need to be very strong and have a lot of stamina. F1 cars have very heavy pedals


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