From Venus Williams to Naomi Osaka: tennis stars Rejoice as Lewis Hamilton Makes F1 History


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Lewis Hamilton overtook the pole-sitter, Lando Norris, with just two laps to go at Russian Grand Prix to secure 
his 100th Grand Prix victory in Formula 1.

So let’s take a look at some of the tennis players who congratulated Lewis Hamilton on reaching 100 wins in 

Naomi Osaka

After securing his 100th victory, Hamilton uploaded an image on Instagram. On which the Japanese tennis player, Naomi Osaka replied with a couple of celebratory emojis, extending her appreciation to the seven-time world champion.

Hamilton defends Osaka

Lewis Hamilton defends the four-time Grand Slam winner, Naomi Osaka for showing "bravery" in pulling out of the French Open over a press boycott and called the backlash against her decision "ridiculous".

Bille Jean King

The legendary tennis player, Bille Jean King also congratulated Lewis Hamilton for winning 100 races in F1. She tweeted from her official account: “What an incredible achievement to reach 100 race wins. Congratulations on making history, Lewis Hamilton.”

Venus Williams

The six-time Grand Slam winner, Venus Williams congratulated the Mercedes driver after his Russian GP triumph. The American tennis player wrote on one of Hamilton's Instagram posts: “He’s a winner people, because of his attitude. Thanks for inspiring always.”

Venus at 2016 US GP

Venus Williams has constantly supported Hamilton throughout his career. Not only on his centurion victory but also at Hamilton's 50th victory at the US Grand Prix, Venus Williams greeted Hamilton by celebrating together at Austin.


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