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Lewis Hamilton is one of the world’s richest and most successful athletes. The Kight is the highest-paid driver in Formula 1 and has career earnings exceeding $500 million, but where does Hamilton invest his money.

So let’s look at the biggest investments of Lewis Hamilton.

Real Estate

Hamilton owns some pretty valuable slices of real estate across the world, but the most expensive one lies in Manhattan. The Briton purchased the Manhattan penthouse from a building partly owned by Tom Brady. The estimated worth of the penthouse is $57 Million.

Luxurious Cars

Lewis Hamilton has a long list of luxurious cars in his garage, including the purple Pagani Zonda 760 LH. This customized hypercar has a top speed of 225 MPH and has an AMG 7.3L V12 engine. The Briton acquired this car for a reported fee of $2.6 Million.

Sunseeker yacht

Lewis Hamilton owns a luxurious 90-foot-long $4 million yacht called Sunseeker Yacht. This yacht comes with a built-in sundeck, BBQ, modular lounge seating, and a dining area for eight. When not being used for parties, it 
can usually be found parked by the bayside in Monaco or Nice.

Racing Team

Lewis Hamilton has joined the ranks of successful team owners. However, he sees the future of racing in a more sustainable form. The Briton has put his millions in the Extreme E electric off-road racing team called X44 racing team.

Credits: Extreme E

Clothing line

Lewis Hamilton introduced his line of clothing in a partnership with Tommy Hilfiger. In 2020 Hamilton launched a collection, called TommyXLewis. An important element Lewis pushed for the collection was using more sustainable materials.

Credits: Tommy Hilfiger


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Latest Motorsports News On The Go!

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