Lewis Hamilton's intense training routine and diet

With a joint record of seven World Drivers’ Championship titles, staying in top physical and mental condition is a priority for Lewis Hamilton.
Formula 1 drivers have to be at peak physical fitness in order to perform during a grand prix, with every element of their training and diet designed to make them go faster on race day.

Drivers train exceptionally hard to be able to handle their cars. Driving an F1 car places a lot of strain on the neck area, so the neck muscles need to be strong to withstand multiple G-forces.

Lewis Hamilton spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights, though he has to be careful not to add too much bulk.

Lewis Hamilton wasn’t focused on optimizing his physical performance when he was younger. Over the years the Brit added various training routines and sports to help him achieve peak performance on the racing track.

Hamilton also underlines the importance of having a strong cardiovascular system for drivers. Thus, the Brit does a lot of running and usually sprints are part of every workout session.

The Mercedes driver also does high-altitude cross-country skiing at high altitudes and Muay Thai. In 2017 he set up a base in Mexico for morning Muay Thai sessions and afternoon surfing and Pilates.

Hamilton went vegan in 2017 and has since used his platform to promote a variety of issues that involve the environment and animal welfare, including relentlessly urging his followers to go vegan.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Lewis revealed: “When I switched to a plant-based diet, those highs and lows decreased significantly. I’ve also noticed positive effects on my sleep and on my health in general. The benefits keep coming, and I’ve honestly never felt better.

Lewis Hamilton now works closely with his performance coach, Angela Cullen, to monitor and optimize what he puts in his body. 

Right from the 2016 season onwards, Hamilton has been joined by a constant face in his corner, his physiotherapist, Angela Cullen. She is responsible for Lewis Hamilton’s daily routine, personal logistics, his diet, sleep patterns, travel arrangements, and more.

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