Oldest Formula 1 drivers on the 2022 Grid

Heading 3

the 20 drivers that will line up on the grid in bahrain for f1's 2022 season opener have varying levels of experience. 

let us take a look at some of the oldest and most expereinced drivers on the 2022 f1 grid.



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fernando alonso

It comes as no surprise that Alonso is the oldest F1 driver. At 40 years of age, with 333 Grand Prix races, 2 world championships and 16 years of experience in F1


lewis hamilton

Second oldest on the Grid. The Briton is 37 years old with 7 Word titles in his name along with 288 Grand Prix races

sebastian vettel

The Red Bull prodigy is 34 years old, holding 4 world titles and 279 races

sergio perez

Checo is 32 year old, and a recent addition to Red Bull. Checo has 213 Grand Prix Races 

daniel ricciardo

Only a few months younger than Perez, Ricciardo is also 32 years old, along with being the funniest driver on the grid, he also has 210 Grand Prix races. 


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