Who is Angela Cullen? Fun facts about Lewis Hamilton’s blonde assistant!

Anybody who’s watched F1 in the last few years have noticed a blonde woman with the seven-time world champion, 
Lewis Hamilton. The woman is Angela Cullen, and she is Hamilton’s physiotherapist and assistant.

So let's take 
a look at some of the fun facts about Angela Cullen.


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One of the greatest things happened

Angela is not only Lewis’ physiotherapist, but her responsibilities also include taking care of his daily routine, diet, sleep patterns, and more. And in 2020 Hamilton described her as “one of the greatest things that's happened” to him.

Credits: YouTube/Formula 1

Sometimes spend time together

Cullen and Hamilton's relationship also extends beyond their work in Formula 1. Angela Cullen has been spotted on numerous occasions participating in various activities with Lewis Hamilton in their downtime.

Credits: Instagram/Lewis Hamilton

Have matching tattoos

The amount of confidence the duo have in each other is made evident by their matching tattoos. It has been reported that Lewis and Angela both have “Loyalty” tattooed on their wrists.

Angela is an athlete

Angela was born in Auckland, New Zealand. And Being from New Zealand, which she herself says lends itself to outdoor activities, she was drawn to sports from an early age. Cullen has played various sports like soccer, cricket, volleyball, basketball, etc.

Credits: Instagram/Lewis Hamilton

Angela is married, with children

Fans often wonder if there is more to their relationship than just a professional connection and friendship. However, there are no romantic links between the two. Cullen is married, and lives with her husband, a cycling coach, and has two children.

Credits: YouTube/Mercedes


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