Fortnite just blatantly copied AMong Us and Innersloth is not happy

While Fortnite had introduced us to a new mode Fortnite Imposter, it seems to be a copy of the well known indie game Among us.


The development team of Among Us have now taken it to Tweeter along with the Co-Founder of Innersloth, Marcus Bromander, claiming Fortnite to have copied their content. 



Gary Porter, who works as a programmer at Innersloth, also did point out a few things that might have been added in this new imposter mode and with which its being called a totally new experience.



Well, it seems that we were supposed to get a collab between Among Us and Fortnite before Epic Games messed it up. 


Directors word

The Among Us community director, Victoria Tran, had also tweeted expressing her sympathy with the members of Innersloth, and these tweets got a lot of support.


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