With the end of Chapter 2 Season 5 in Fortnite just around the corner, fans have been wondering what's next. Fortunately, reports suggest that the season will end with a live event. Fans have been curious about what this live event could include. Lets get into the most plausible theories about a Chapter 2 season 5 live event.

Female Midas

A poster of female midas has been on display on one of the loading screens and players have been wondering about her existence. She could be the boss of Agent Jones and the head of IO.

Credit: YouTube/top5gaming

Time-Traveller Jonesy

The Netflix original Dark themed theory believes Agent Jones can travel through time. His new look in Chapter 2 Season 5 resembles the original Jonesy asking and surely that can't be a coincidence.

Credit: YouTube/top5gaming

Bunker Jones

The Chapter 1 skin Bunker Jonesy has returned with prophecies and he believes that the reboot van on Fortnite can be the key to escaping the island.

Credit: YouTube/top5gaming

Lucky Landing

A Twitter revamp of the official Fornite account suggests that Lucky Landing, the oriental map location from Chapter one can make a return as theory suggests that Epic is going back to the original island.

Credit: YouTube/mysteamworld

Fortnite x DC

Not much a theory since it has been confirmed, the recent collaboration between Epic Games and DC Comics for a Fortnite x Batman comic-book miniseries brings new DC-themed items to the game.

Credit: YouTube/ifiremonkey

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