best pickaxes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Fortnite offers a wide range of skins and cosmetic items to its players that also include pickaxes. They are a constant part of the gameplay as players use them to destroy structures and collect materials. From the Axe of Champions, to the Leviathan Axe, these are the best pickaxes in the Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite. 

Gold Crow

The Gold Crow is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite at the moment. It matches well with a plethora of in-games skins, and is a favorite of popular players like Scoped. 

Credit: YouTube/Bryc3

Candy Axe

The Candy Axe costs a staggering 1500 V-Bucks, and is worth the investment. It also has a reskin named Merry Mint, which is no longer available. 

Credit: YouTube/Puma 2

Axe of Champions

The Axe of Champions is an exclusive reward for the players who win the FNCS, and only 50 players have it so far. This item exclusively remains with the winners, making it the toughest pickaxe to unlock in Fortnite.  

Credit: YouTube/Bexoh


Even after years of release, the Driver is one of the most used pickaxes in Fortnite. It owes this popularity to its simple design and color that matches with several try hard skins. 

Credit: YouTube/VALtheVAL

Harley Hitter

Harley Hitter arrived in Fortnite as a part of the Harley Quinn promotion, and ended up becoming a fan favorite. It might get re-added in Chapter 2 Season 6 with other DC cosmetics items. 

Credit: YouTube/Soham

Leviathan Axe

Leviathan Axe came in Fortnite during the gaming series crossovers. It is a single-handed pickaxe with a custom animation and emote. 

Credit: YouTube/TheGamerStep

Star Wand

The Star Wand rose to prominence after pro players started using it heavily. Unlike other names in this list, Star Wand arrives in the Item Shop regularly, which is why a major part of the community owns and loves it. 

Credit: YouTube/ Lxcky 

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