Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Update Secrets You might've missed

With the new update, the players are getting a totally new look while moving around in Fortnite. Along with map changes, we are getting a few more surprises in the latest update of Fortnite. 

Holy Hatches

This place is now being called Holy Hatchery, where the aliens have done a total makeover. And as the aliens begin to expand this place will too.


Alien Nanites

The cube which is called the Alien Nanites, expands for some time into a place just like Holy Hatchery. Also, you can use this to upgrade weapons into much evolved alien weapons.


Zyg and Choppy

You get a totally new mythic weapon once you eliminate the Zyg and Choppy character. This is a Ray Gun which also does have a few new looks. 


Gravy Goblin

This is the same Gravity Gun, which was shown used by Rick in the season 7 Battle Pass  trailer.


LeBron James

The news is confirmed, the Lebron James icon skin is for  sure coming to the game. Which is supposed to be released this month. 


Prop Gun

A Prop gun that turns you into a prop will have unlimited ammo, along with Inflate-A-Bull a backpack that will make fire proof. 


IO Map

The IO seems to be up to something, they have a map and a plan. When you hit the headquarters you can totally see what their plan is.


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