Fortnite: Craziest Easters Eggs in the Ariana Grande Rift Tour Concert

During the recent Ariana Grande concert, Epic Games offered a lot of stuff that you must get your hands on. This concert has had a huge hit but other than that, it has offered a lot to seek along with a few easter eggs. 

Event Merch

Along with the stunning Ariana Grande skin, players can also get their hands on Rainbow Cloud Cruiser, Sky up high loading screen, as well as rift door banner icon. 


Kevin The Cube

While you go through the tunnel of memories you can easily spot ‘Kevin The Cube’. There are chances that Kevin will make its return to the game, most probably at the end of Season 7.


Among Us 

Hypex might have leaked about new collaborations in the game. There might be an Among Us collab on its way for the new season. 


Season 8 

The mothership is headed towards Coral Castle, while it has already started destroying the Slurpy Swarm. We might have massive changes to notice in season 8 or even at the end of the ongoing season.


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