Fortnite season 7 storyline secrets You might've mIssed

With Season 7 of Fortnite we have a new storyline and also its secrets. Let's discuss what aspects have been added to the story that will change the Season 7 of Fortnite. 

Live Event Theory

Epic  is giving out all the teasers which lead us to our live event of Season 7. We could get the mother spaceship which can be assumed looking at the posters at the believer beach. 


Zero Point 

You can see the actual purpose of Zero Point in Fortnite official Zero Point comics. With the latest issue they have now cleared the clouds around how the loop actually works. 


The Loop

The olde theories always got us thinking that the loop always acted unnatural when we got near to it but this was a way of IO to control the island. 


Rift Gun 

Again coming to the new issue of the Zero Point Comics, DeathStroke explains how the Rift gun works. The gun works just like a compass, telling the Zero Point to open a portal into a specific reality. 



This was again a way for the Imagined Order to enter the island without letting escape through the bunkers. 


Young Midas

This guy comes out to be the Ex-member of the imagined order. Now this explains why he is such a good engineer and also dropped out of nowhere on the island.  


Singularity Secret 

The man behind the whole storyline, Donald Mustard just confirmed that this character will be the most important one in upcoming years.


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