Fortnite Vs Warzone: Which is the Better Battle Royale Game?

Our generation has a gift, it is Battle Royal. With many options already handy, we still have a big question. Which battle is the best between Fortnite and Warzone?


Compared to Fortnite, Warzone has got a smooth gunplay and  that too with a lot of options. Well this is about shooting so, this has gotta be a plus point for CoD.



Another issue with fortnite is that someone has to bring you unlike Warzone where you are into 1 vs 1 with your opponent. This gives you a chance to be back in the game again. 



In Fortnite you get a lot of variations when you come back into the game. While Warzone has a limited loop is very limited, also you don't have much option while choosing a weapon. 



Fortnite out the player in worry in the beginning of the zone, this is much easier to understand in Warzone as the zone has the same amount of damage in the entire game.



Fortnite gets lots of hiding areas in the endgame as well as fewer players. In Warzone on the other hand, there are still at least 20 people and less space to hide. 



Fortnite's daily shop has skins, weapons and emotes. Warzone gives advantage to the players who have paid for the game and bought CoD Modern Warfare Multiplayer.



Epic did clear that they want to lower the skill gap from adding bloom and other bad stuff. Warzone emphasizes the skill gap with weapons, knowledge, decision making, and positioning. 


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