Free Playstation Games Available in March with Play at home 2021

Under its 'Play at home' initiative, Sony is offering Playstation users free games starting 25th March. PS4 and PS5 players get access to a lifetime of free games, including many VR titles. While the initial few are smaller indie titles, the showstopper is Horizon Zero Dawn COmplete Edition.


Abzû is a 'meditation video game' that helps players relax while letting them explore the deep seas and the oceans swimming alongside schools of fish and dolphins.

Credit: YouTube/Playstation

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a retro-style arcade shooter with an option of a multiplayer mode. Each playthrough is going to be different making the game even more fun.

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

Rez Infinite

One of the most exciting and unique VR titles coming to the 'Play at Home' initiative, Rez Infinite is a truly out of this world experience.

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation


Unlike Abzû, Subnautica is an underwater survival game. With players stranded inside the waters of an alien planet, they have to explore and fight the dangers to stay alive.

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

The Witness

A game filled with puzzles, brainteasers, and mind benders, The Witness is an extremely exciting game for those up for a mental challenge. To make things more exciting, The Witness has an interesting storyline too.

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

Astrobot Rescue Mission

The predecessor of PS5 Astro's Playroom, Rescue Mission is a VR platformer that truly makes players have an immersive experience by having them actually move their bodies to dodge enemy attacks.

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation


Another VR title, Moss follows the journey of a rodent trying to save his family from an evil fire-breathing serpant. Moss is a short game with around 4-5 hours of total gameplay.

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

Horizon Zero Dawn

A game that doesn't need any introduction, Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation classic and it arrives at the PlayStation consoles on April 19 as the complete edition.

Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

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