Best star wars games of all time

Along with the movie franchise of Star Wars, even its games are loved and have the fan following of the same level. Here are the top 7 Star Wars games of all time. 

Star Wars Battlefront 2

This game has a short story campaign but what you're really here for is glorious multiplayer and an awesome character development.   


Star Wars Dark Forces

This is a First person Shooter Game from 1995's Dark Forces.  The title is patterned after id Software's original Doom.


Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Since the release of TIE Fighter, no other game has come this close to capturing the feeling of piloting a starfighter in the Star Wars universe. Battlefront's new X-Wing VR mission smashes it now, but that's only 20 minutes long.


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Swinging our lightsaber haphazardly and breaking things is a blast in this game. And when it comes to movie-authentic sound effects and music this one will surely take you on a journey. 


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If there's a moment that sums up the simple appeal of this excellent Star Wars adventure, it's when you first discover you can force pull enemies onto the hot end of Cal's lightsaber.


Star Wars: Republic Commando

This Xbox exclusive is one of the gems in the Star Wars games library. It's a great shooter, which is a solid foundation, but LucasArts injects some much-needed variety. 


Star Wars: The Old Republic

The plot revolves around a BioWare jumped headfirst into this intriguing timeline with Star Wars: The Old Republic, giving players a vast, ancient galaxy to explore, unhindered by Star Wars movie canon. 


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