From marvin hagler to gennady golovkin: boxers who built a reputation for having an iron chin

a few men in boxing history have built a reputation for being able to withstand the hardest of punches. we take a look at a few boxers who were known to have 'iron chins'

Hagler faced heavy hitters like John Mugabi and Thomas Hearns among others. He was never knocked out in 67 professional fights and was knocked down only once.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler 

'The Human Windmill' was stopped only twice in a mind-boggling 240 fight career. He faced notable fighters such as Gene Tunney and Tommy Loughran among others

Harry Greb 

Marciano was dropped only twice in his career and went on to win both the fights. His chin and ability to absorb shots is revered even today

Rocky Marciano 

Marquez built a reputation for coming back strong after being rocked. His fight with Pacquiao when he was dropped three times in the first round and went on to earn a draw. He has never been stopped in 64 fights as a professional

Juan Manuel Marquez 

'Triple G' has an Iron chin and has weather the best shots from Canelo over 24 rounds. He has never been stopped in 43 professional fights.

Gennady Golovkin 

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